State Board Prep Class-2 Sessions Written and Practical Review


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Below you will find the outline for your courses:

Session 1 will be filled with the Theory information that you need to pass the examination

Session 2 will consist of all Practical Hands-On Skills


Resources: Milady’s Standard Cosmetology 13th Edition

Milady’s Standard Cosmetology  Exam Review Book 13th Edition

Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Student Workbook 13th Edition

Practical Exam Kit


Session 1


The results of the Pre-test are used to determine the needs of the testing candidate.


Subject Matter Review

Based on the results of the pre-test we will immediately begin to cover information in the areas for improvement of the candidate.


Kit Review/Practical Exam Expectations

A review of all items that are in the candidate’s kit and coaching on how the kit should be set up.

Review of the domains required for the practical exam as well as the grading expectations.


Session 2


The post-test is to see how the candidate has retained the information from the previous class as well as the homework assignments.



Graded mock practical exam with feedback


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